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Super Kawaii Knee Highs
$10.99 $8.24
Super Kawaii Knee Highs
"What is it about Japan? They can make ANYTHING look cute, including piles of golden poo. It's clearly a superpower or some kind of magic. A weapon of mass brain destruction, because it turns us into quivering piles of squee. It was just a bean until they put a dog face on it. It was just Mt. Fuji until it got adorable eyes. Madness, that's what kawaii is. Cute madness, and we're happy to suffer from it. If you want the cutest footsies ever, you'll need to pick up some of our Super Kawaii Knee High Socks. These socks are so cute that you'll want to skip wearing shoes. You'll want to stick your feet in people's faces and make them witness the cute. These things are all fine and good. Spread kawaii near and far! Product Specifications Super Kawaii Knee Highs for fans of Japan Fit Women's shoe size 5-9 Choose: Purple: Ninja Panda Red/Black: Maneki-neko (Lucky Cat) with the word ""lucky"" (""kichi"") inscribed in Kanji on her tummy Yellow: Godzilla, with ""mother"" written in Japanese Materials: 90% cotton, 10% lycra Yes, they're machine washable!"