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Spaghetti Measure
Tags: #Think Geek

Spaghetti Measure

by ThinkGeek


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By far, my favorite complex carbohydrate is made from durum wheat ground into flour, and water - rolled flat then cut or extruded into very fine strips. Ah, spaghetti! A culinary magnet suitable for mixing with nearly any kind of protein and sauce. Mix with olive oil, parmesan, garlic and basil and use as a bed for pan roasted salmon. Mix with a slow-simmered roma tomato sauce. Try wilting spinach in a hot pan with pine nuts and sea salt to serve on your pasta. Yummy. However you like your noodles, you need to do three things: one, cook it al-dente for taste as well as for a lower glycemic index. Two, season the water before you boil it. Three, properly portion out your spaghetti. Oh, you don't know how to do that? The easiest way to measure spaghetti is by diameter. A good fistful is three portions. How big are your hands? Oh - well, the difference in hand sizes could mean you're eating like a king or a pauper, so let's get some more precision, shall we? What we've got here is a device shaped like the iris in a camera's shutter. The wider the aperture, the more pasta can fit through, and the larger the servings. Steps along the dial indicate just how many proper servings you're portioning out, so no more guess work. The iris isn't just for cameras and silly sci-fi doorways any more!

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