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Boz Digital Labs Bozbendeth Bundle

by Musician

$199.00 $299.00

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Save by getting all of the Boz Bendeth series plugins in one package. The package includes +10db Channel Strip, +10db Compressor, +10db EQ, HoserXT and Hoser to cover all of your compression and EQ needs. Hoser XT Modeled from a Ward-Beck Systems M462B hardware EQ unit, The Hoser XT makes a great channel EQ for a cohesive feel to your mixes. The Hoser XT takes advantage of some of the benefits of working in the digital domain, all while staying true to the analog sound. Hoser Identical to the Hoser XT but without side-chain and stereo control. More compact format. +10dB Compressor Meticulously modeled after one of the industries most iconic hardware compressors. This is the first time this hardware unit has been available in plugin format. +10dB Equalizer A different approach to equalization than your standard digital EQ. Instead of the standard series configuration, this EQ uses a parallel configuration, which makes for interesting effects, especially in bands that are close together. You will notice you can use more extreme boost and cut settings without harshness. +10dB Channel Strip A bundle within a bundle, you might say. The +10dB Channel Strip consists of the EQ and compressor put together into a single unit that lets you set the EQ to pre-compression, post-compression or sidechain.Compression and equalization in different flavorsSet in any order you wishSounds exactly like the original hardwareNot CPU intensive

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