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Grow Your Own Banana Tree
$9.99 $5.99
Grow Your Own Banana Tree
"Ah, bananas. You can tally them. You can feed them to monkeys. You can pretend they are guns and rob banks in silent comedies and cartoons. AND, they are high in potassium! Oh, and if a bad guy is chasing you, you can so totally drop the banana peel on the floor to create instant hilarity! But here are two things you might not have known. 1. The ""banana tree"" is not actually a tree; it's the world's largest herb. 2. If you get one of these Grow Your Own Banana Tree kits, you'll have almost everything you need to, well, grow your own banana tree (that's really an herb). See, each Grow Your Own Banana Tree comes with everything you need to grow some nanners except for water, sunlight, and unadulterated monkey love. The package is actually a mini greenhouse, and it's guaranteed by the manufacturer to grow. Once the banana tree (we're gonna just call it that for ease, so hush) sprouts, it will grow about a foot in the first month. Treat it right, and you'll have a six foot tree on your hands in about a year. Of course, actually growing fruit will take a bit longer, but if you work hard at it (and don't forget all the monkey love), your Grow Your Own Banana Tree kit could eventually yield fruit! MONKEY LOVES BANANAS! Grow Your Own Banana Tree Banana trees are easy and fun to grow - so grow your own, already. The banana tree grows about a foot in its first month and as much as six feet in its first year. Actually, it's not a tree at all; it's the world's largest herb! Includes: Banana tree seeds, windowsill greenhouse, planting mixture, and instructions/information sheet. Package (Greenhouse) Dimensions: 9"" x 4.5"" x 6"""