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Swashbuckling BBQ Sword
Swashbuckling BBQ Sword
For millions of years, humans have gathered around the fire to keep warm. One enterprising early hominid stored his haunch of wildebeest too close to the flames, and came away with an unexpectedly juicy and delicious roast 'beest. In subsequent attempts to replicate this magic "cooking" process, however, those cavemen tried holding the meat over the fire with their hands. Several debilitating burns later, they learned to hold the meat over the flames with green sticks...
Grilling Greatness - Grilling - BBQ - Marinating - Cooking Gift Basket
Grilling Greatness - Grilling - BBQ - Marinating - Cooking Gift Basket
Who says you can?t cook like Emeril or Wolfgang Puck in your own backyard? Our Grilling Greatness Gift Basket is full of items that will transform any ordinary backyard chef into a culinary celebrity! Inside they'll find everything from cedar grilling planks and to grilling skewers, to sauces marinades and rubs. Award-winning products from great names like Stonewall Kitchen, Fire & Flavor, Rothschild Farms and more are all featured in our BBQ gift baskets, and you will definitely taste the difference when using these incredible cooking enhancers.? Fire up that grill now and achieve Grilling Greatness today with this great gift basket from our grilling gift baskets collection!