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Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers
Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers
The last time you saw the Killer Rabbit, it was blown to bits by the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. But that was just the beginning of the poor Rabbit's saga. You see, Tim the Enchanter, bored after the party broke up, resurrected the feared bunny and sent it back to live in the hills. That's where it met another killer bunny, and they bred like…well, rabbits. Tim returned years later as owner and guide of "The Holy Grail Filming Location Tour" and realized how wrong his decision had been. Instead of one Killer Rabbit, there were now thousands of them. After the tour group fled and filed a major class action lawsuit against Tim, he had to do something to recoup his losses. He conjured a giant mallet and began pounding the Killer Rabbits into slippers, which he sold. The slippers were an instant hit, and Tim now happily resides in a beach house in Malibu. Alas, after a few months the Killer Rabbit was declared an endangered species - so he had plush versions made, which we now offer to you. Each pair is one size fits most, and features flapping mouth action (when you walk, the mouth flaps). Just think, for each pair you buy, two real Killer Rabbits are spared malleting (and Tim gets to drink one more Mai Tai). Killer Rabbit slippers fit up to a Men's Size 12 (US sizes).
Angry Birds Fuzzy Slippers
$24.99 $12.99
Angry Birds Fuzzy Slippers
"Anyone who has had a bird as a pet can tell you that they can be messy creatures. After all, a bird in the wild has acres of land to fly (and poop) over, but we're confining them to a tiny cage with yesterday's newspaper. And just FYI, if you're papering your bird cage with last season's ThinkGeek catalog, a certain photographer would like to have some choice words with you... if you catch our drift. Is your house as messy as a birdcage? Been too busy trying to get three stars on every level of every variant of Angry Birds to clean up your droppings? We've been there, done that. If you have ""priorities"" you'd better get to them. Put on your pajamas, slip Red Birds on your feet, and lounge in your favorite chair with some Hoth Cocoa until you're done. And what do you know, we totally have every bit of that plan except for the pajamas. You're on your own for those. Product Specifications Lounge around the birdhouse with Red Birds on your feet Plush and fuzzy, comfortable and warm Intended for indoor use only; do not throw at pigs Sizes: Women's 8/9 (aka Men's 6/7) Men's 7/8 (aka Women's 9/10) Men's 9/10 (aka Women's 11/12) Men's 11/12 (aka Women's 13/14)"

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