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MicroLux 3.3 Cu Ft Compact White 2 Door Refrigerator Freezer Fridge - ML880WH
MicroLux 3.3 Cu Ft Compact White 2 Door Refrigerator Freezer Fridge - ML880WH
The MicroLux ML880 is truly the ultimate compact refrigerator. It features a true double door design that separates the stand alone refrigerator from the stand alone freezer. By utilizing separate compartments, the user is able to keep their frozen goods frozen longer and cold beverages colder. The freezer is large enough to store an arrange of items for the office, media room or even dorm room. The fridge features built-in beverage dispensing rack, and also is capable of holding (2) 2 liters bottles in the door alone. This unit is also great for storing healthy snacks in the included crisper basket.
Mini Cupcake Factory
$26.99 $17.54
Mini Cupcake Factory
"Cupcakes appeal to the geek because they're entirely made out of cake! Plus, they're teeny and cute, and, for some reason, things that are miniaturized make some of the geek girls here in the office squee with delight! One only has to look at adorable pictures of miniature horses to know the truth of this. So, in the epic battle of cake vs. cupcake, the cupcake has one point for its teenyness, if that's even a word. Another advantage the cupcake has is, due to its size, it has an extremely high crust-to-cake ratio. You know, that outer layer of extra caramelized batter that's soaked up some of the oil and has a slight give to the crumb? Nummy. Also, again - size related, the cupcake cooks in a mere 5 minutes time. So, if you include the time spent mixing and heating the cupcake pan, you're only 10 minutes away from craving to nomming delicious hot cupcakes! ThinkGeek knows you love cupcakes - mostly because we love cupcakes. Consequently, when we found this electric mini cupcake pan, we knocked over little old ladies to get at them. Each one of these little pans heats up in minutes, and cooks 7 cupcakes at a time in 5 short minutes. So you can go from craving to mixing to eating hot delicious cupcakes in less time than it takes to make five 2-minute eggs. Maybe our math is wrong? Apropos of nothing: in the UK, they're called ""fairy cakes."" Unfortunately for our british friends, though, this little guy only has a US 110v plug. Which is fine, really. More for us!"

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