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Moldable Magic Chocolate Kits
$14.99 $8.99
Moldable Magic Chocolate Kits
"We love playing with our food, but up until recently playing with chocolate was . . . problematic. The only way to get chocolate to bend was to melt it and let it dry in a bendy mold. Sure, we could attempt to chip away at a giant block of chocolate, but our warm hands would eventually ruin everything. And then we found these Moldable Magic Chocolate Kits. Magic Chocolate is edible wonder. A patent protected process makes chocolate that is set, but still flexible. It's just like a modeling clay, except it's Belgian chocolate! It's a delicious and fun product that you can use to make all sorts of sculptures without any sticky mess. And there are two different Moldable Magic Chocolate Kits. The Model Making Kit is just like a bunch of clay, and the Picture Making Kit lets you make a chocolate bar with your own artwork! Parents, these kits are awesome birthday party activities for your wee geek and their friends. It's also fun for grown-ups, so be sure to get some for yourself. Moldable Magic Chocolate Kits - art you can shove in your face hole. For nutrition information, click here. Moldable Magic Chocolate Kits For Ages 4 and Up Flexible chocolate that you can use like modeling clay. Patent protected method lets chocolate set while remaining flexible. Delicious and fun! Make stuff, then stuff it in your mouth. 100% Belgian chocolate. Gluten free - no artificial colors or flavors. Kit Info: Model Making Kit Includes: 1.7oz Milk Chocolate, 1.2oz White Chocolate, 0.5oz Dark Chocolate, anti-bacterial hand wipe, idea guide Makes 4-5 ""treat sized"" models. Picture Making Kit 2.8oz Milk Chocolate, 2.8oz White Chocolate, 2.8oz Dark Chocolate, 1 activity tray, 1 gift wrapper, picture instruction guide. Melt in hot water and draw your own chocolate bar design. Makes 1 chocolate bar."
Caffeine Candy Samplers
Caffeine Candy Samplers
We know you pride yourself for being an independent thinker. We also know that every once and awhile it's nice to take a break. So today, let ThinkGeek do the thinking for you three different versions of our caffeinated candy sampler. With enough caffeine to power a Imperial Walker, our candy samplers will let you experience the more popular caffeinated candies (with a wide melange of tastes) we carry without having to fork out a ton of cash. Caffeine Candy Samplers Enjoy an assortment of caffeine-packed candies, in three different sizes (one pack of each listed treat): Small: Penguin Mints Think Gum Energizing Gum Jolt Gum - Icy Mint BAWLS Mints Medium: Foosh Energy Mints Penguin Cinnamons Crackheads Jolt Gum - Icy Mint Jolt Gum - Spearmint Think Gum Energizing Gum Large: Foosh Energy Mints Penguin Mints Penguin Cinnamons Crackheads Think Gum Energizing Gum BAWLS Mints Jolt Gum - Icy Mint Jolt Gum - Spearmint

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