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Designers Guild - Watelet Clear Stem Glass - 340ml
Designers Guild - Watelet Clear Stem Glass - 340ml
Add elegant style to every table setting with this elegantly fluted stemmed crystal clear glass from Designers Guild. Perfect for everyday dining and special occasions, it features subtle optics that highlight the sculptural shape. Available in small & large sizes this beautiful glass is suitable for hand hand washing only. It is part of the Designers Guild Watelet tableware range, the full dinner service is also available to match. Collect the complete dinnerware range and dine in everyday style from breakfast to dinner. Key features: * Material: glass * Dimensions: H16.5xD9cm / H6.5xD4.5" * Capacity: 340ml (large) * Part of the Watelet collection - elegantly classical * Fluted stemmed crystal clear glass * Subtle optic highlights the sculptural shape * Available in small & large sizes * Hand wash only - not suitable for dishwasher use * Please note this item is f
Amara Living
Shot Glasses
$39.95 $35.00
Shot Glasses
Over 1300 brilliant color photos and 1000 line drawings display whiskey shot glasses from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, both domestic and foreign. Many styles and materials are included that advertised whiskies and drinking establishments from elegant to common taste. Collecting them is fun and entertaining, for they represent many diverse places, periods, and social preferences. The text provides a useful history of shot glasses, a general guide to pricing, and an overview of the
Barnes & Noble
Pac-Man Shot Glass 4-Pack
Pac-Man Shot Glass 4-Pack
In 1999, Billy Mitchell stunned the gaming world by playing the very first verified perfect game of Pac-Man. A perfect game consists of playing the first 255 levels, eating every pill, pellet, fruit, and ghost, without losing a single life, and then eating as many pellets as possible on the last level by eating all but one, and then sacrificing a life, thus resetting the last level, then repeat until you're out of lives. This jams your score at 3,333,360 points, and makes you the envy of all geeks everywhere. To make that kind of achievement, your mind has to slip, zen like, into a trance-like state. You must become one with the game, flowing from pellet to pellet, slipping past ghosts like water around a rock. You must focus, and make the game everything... your entire world. You must see floating cherries in your dreams, eat power pellets for breakfast, and surround yourself in the maze. We can't help you in the dreams department - our Mesmermatic 5000 dream induction device hasn't reached human testing trials, yet, we've heard that a shot of certain beverages can loosen you up and help you achieve a more zen state. Let us know how that works for you. Product Specifications Shot glasses featuring Pac-Man and ghosts Classy black shot glasses with colorful artwork Inky, Blinky, Clyde, and Pac-Man (Pinky bailed on the photo shoot) Drink responsibly: you'll never beat the game if your brain is pickled! Love your shot glasses: Hand wash for longest artwork life Material: Ceramic

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