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Bubble Tank Fish Bowl
Bubble Tank Fish Bowl
A hand-blown drooping glass fish bowl. A great statement piece for any home. Fish tanks and aquariums are often the main attraction in a room, however it is usually the fish themselves that are the focal point rather than the tank. Made from premium glass, handblown and slumped by a master glassblower, each tank has its own unique form and individual characteristics. The tank is a celebration of skill and craft represented in a truly unique product. This tank is primarily designed for certain types of fish, namely Betta, Siamese Fighting Fish or Splendens. These are solitary animals whose original natural habitats are calm, shallow paddy fields originating in South Asia, and who prefer to live in hotter climates of 24 degrees celsius and above. To maintain a consistent warm water temperature we recommend placing The Bubble Fish Tank on a heating mat (such as those commonly used for reptiles). The fish in the picture are Danios, a very resilient fish that can live in water temperatures typical of Britain as well as in heated aquariums. We do not recommend keeping goldfish in the tanks as they produce a great deal of ammonia and general waste, and also need a lot more space to swim around. Whatever fish you're housing, we recommend regular water changes of around 25% and possibly the use of an air stone or similar equipment to help oxygenate the tank and minimise any build up of algae on the surface. Each Bubble Fish Tank includes a booklet which provides more detail about which fish it's suitable to house and the best ways to maintain the tank so as to ensure your fish lead a long, happy and healthy life. Made from premium glass and individually mouth-blown, each tank has a hand polished rim. Red gravel is included with every purchase.
Ain't No Wifey Sweatshirt
Ain't No Wifey Sweatshirt
Sweatshirt by DimePiece - Made from a cotton-rich sweat fabric. - Dropped shoulder seams. - Slogan print to main. - Fitted trims. - Regular fit. ABOUT DIMEPIECE: Founded in 2007 by co-creators Ashley Jones and Laura Fama, LA-based brand DimePiece is your go-to label for cult graphics and contemporary streetwear. With their love of incorporating surreal subjects, it’s no surprise that their screen-printed crop tops, vests and tees have graced the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj.
Lipsy Ceramic Travel Mug, Pink
£10.00 £9.00
Lipsy Ceramic Travel Mug, Pink
Lipsy Ceramic Travel Mug A brilliant gift for any girl who has to race out of the house for the morning commute, this cool travel mug from Lipsy means they never have to miss out on their cuppa. Styled with an on-trend leopard print and sporting the slogan, “Caution! I may be hot," this is sure to get them noticed on that early train. The hot pink lid means it’s safe from spillages as well. They can refill it through the day too, saving them money on all that coffee-to-go, which they’ll love! Useful info: Lipsy ceramic travel mugLeopard print designIncludes lidGreat gift
Elegant Touch House of Holland Nails - Geek Chic
Elegant Touch House of Holland Nails - Geek Chic
Multi colour Oval Stiletto Nails with different designs and a high shine finish. 24 nails in a pack, 10 different nail sizes, 2 of each of the 12 designs with high shine finish. Check it out, Henry couldn't resist himself and wears these quirky little pieces of art himself! The 12 designs in order of larges to smallest nail are: nude nail with purple eye, red nail with open mouth, braces and bow tie, checked jacket, pink mobile phone, burgundy satchel bag, red lips on yellow nail, eye ball, glasses on orange nail, glasses on green nail, pencils in pocket, plasters on pink nail. Nail Glue and small Nail File included in the Elegant Touch House of Holland Nails - Geek Chic pack.
Scribble Writing Alarm Clock
£14.99 £12.99
Scribble Writing Alarm Clock
Always forgetting things in the morning? Then thats all in the past thanks to the Scribble Alarm Clock from Mayhem UK... The Scribble Clock is the first cool alarm clock with a screen that allows you to write on it! Scribble reminder notes, ideas, things to do or anything you want onto the screen and then when the alarm goes off in the morning the screen will light up in a cool blue colour proudly reminding you of your notes. If that wasnt enough, weve also made the Scribble alarm clock include an ultra cool dot display screen which displays the time, temperature, year and date, alarm and a birthday reminder date. The Scribble alarm clock also includes 4 alarm melodies and the Scribble pen.
Fatboy - Buggle-Up Bean Bag - Brown
£234.95 £164.47
Fatboy - Buggle-Up Bean Bag - Brown
This brown Fatboy chair seat is constructed from a tough, durable protective coating that's rain, stain and UV resistant making it suitable for use in the garden, beach and in the home. To deliver extra comfort Fatboy have outfitted their Buggle-up bean bag with a special strap and sail ring that allow for lounging up to a 60 degrees sitting position, the straps also make it easy to carry the bean bag around and to adjust the position. The Fatboy Buggle-up bean bag is easy to clean with lukewarm water making it perfect for both outdoorsy types and for people who like to lounge indoors. Key features: * Material: polyester with PVC coating * Dimensions: H190xW140cm * Brown colour * Please note colour may vary slightly from the image shown * Dirt and moisture repellent * Can be easily spot cleaned * Fatboy bean bag polybead filled * Special strap and sail ring allow for lounging up to a 60 degree position * Special strap and sail ring allow for lounging up to a 60 degree position * Rain, stain, and UV resistant * Rain, stain, and UV resistant
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