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Emergency Survival Backpack
$489.03 $379.99
Emergency Survival Backpack
Take essential survival items with you in an emergency. Stocked with supplies for two people for up to three days, or one person for up to five days, the easy-to-carry, organized backpack is your go-to resource in a disaster situation. In an evacuation, you ll have what you need to take with you. Find it fast. Inside this compact backpack, you ll find four individual, color-coded insert kits stocked with supplies: red for first aid, yellow for tools, blue for food and water, and green for sanitary items. Each kit opens to display the contents organized in clear individual pockets, so you ll always be able to find what you need, when you need it. Set G€“ 5 Items: Backpack (1) Insert kits (4) First Aid Kit Contents: Antibiotic ointment (10) Antiseptic wipes (10) Bandages G€“ 3/4" x 3 (10) Bandages G€“ 1 x 3 (20) Bandages G€“ 2 1/4 x 4 (10) Bandages G€“ butterfly (10) Bandages G€“ knuckle (10) Bandages G€“ wound closure (10) Cold compresses (2) Cotton swabs (8) Elastic roll G€“ 3 (1) First-aid pouch G€“ large (1) Gauze G€“ 2 roll (1) Gauze G€“ 2 x 2 dressing (2) Gauze G€“ 4 x 4 dressing (2) Gel pen (1) Latex-free gloves (2 pairs) Medical tape G€“ 1/2" (1) N95 latex-free face masks (2) Notepad (1) Pill boxes (2) Scissors (1) Self-adhesive wrap G€“ 2 (1) Splint (1) Trauma pad G€“ 5 x 9 (1) Tweezers (1) Tools Kit Contents: Cable saw (1) Carabineers (2) Compass/whistles (2) Crank charger attachments (1) Crank flashlight (1) Crank flashlight/radio/charger (1) Duct tape (2) Emergency blankets (2) Emergency tent (1) Flint strike (1) Glow sticks (4) Multi-tool (1) Rain ponchos (2) Rope G€“ 30 ft. (1) Signaling mirror (1) Work gloves (1 pair) Food W x 19 H x 13 D Weight: 26 lbs.
SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool
$79.99 $47.99
SOG PowerAssist Multi-Tool
"Or two knives and 11 other tools to be specific. The SOG PowerAssist Multitool is a beast. Let's begin with the fact that one model of the PowerAssist comes with a C4 punch. Now let's think about this for a second: what type of person needs a C4 punch and more importantly what do they expect of their multitool? They expect to be awesome and in fact that's a fine word to describe the SOG PowerAssist Multitool. Just about every multitool begins with a pair of pliers and integrated wire cutters. The SOG stands out here with their patented Compound Leverage design and the strength of their stainless. As a test, we took a titanium spork and used the cutters to slice through the handle. Not a scratch on the cutters but wow did it make short work of the titanium! The blades on the SOG pop free using the PowerAssist technology built into the tool. Just unlock a blade and flick it with your thumb and the tool takes over. On the other side, you have a standard rack of various tools. However, unlike most multitools each individual component locks into place on the SOG giving you a steady and sturdy tool to work with. This model does not include the aforementioned C4 punch but it does include a host of other amazing tools. And if you really want that punch, the SOG PowerAssist is fully upgradable through the simple-yet-sturdy hex-bolt construction. Includes the following tools: Pliers Wire Cutters Blasting Cap Crimper (also good for general crimping) Straight Knife Blade Serrated Knife Blade Three-sided File Phillips Screwdriver Can Opener/Small Screwdriver Bottle Opener/Medium Screwdriver V-Cutter (useful for stripping wires, cutting seatbelts or cords) Ruler (built into the handles) Additional Product Specifications Stainless Steel Multitool with Black Oxide Finish Hex-bolt construction for easy maintenance and upgrades Closed: 4.675"" Open: 7.125"" Weight: 9.3 oz. Model: B66N-CP Includes heavy duty nylon sheath"

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