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Pizza-Boss 3000 Pizza Cutter
Pizza-Boss 3000 Pizza Cutter
When a man tears into a pizza, he does so with his bare hands! He then cries and rushes off to the emergency room to get his fresh 2nd degree burns looked at. Unfortunately, that's not the best approach to eating a double-pepperoni. As anybody who's been burned by bubbling cheese fresh out of the oven, you're gonna want to cut your 'za into manageable slices. If, however, you insist on maintaining your total dominance over Italian cuisine, you can cut your pizza into manageable slices using a pizza cutter that looks like a circular saw! Oh yeah! The Pizza Boss 3000 pizza slicer makes short work of sausage, powers through pepperoni, and annihilates anchovies like a hot knife through, well, pizza, actually. So the next time you're faced with a beautiful New York style pepperoni, or a classic Chicago deep dish meatstravaganza with extra bacon, grab your Pizza Boss 3000 and show that pie who's in charge. Booya. Features Laser etched stainless steel blade High-durability plastic Removable blade for easy cleaning Measures 5 inches long, 2.25 inches wide, and 4.25 inches tall No batteries, gasoline, or oil required to operate this power tool!

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