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Space Bar Keyboard Organizer & USB Hub
Space Bar Keyboard Organizer & USB Hub
Evernoticehowhorriblereadingisifthespacebarisn'tused? It'sprettyawful,isn'tit? Who'dhavethunkonekeywouldmakeallthedifference? But sure enough, that one key on your keyboard makes reading so much easier. Does your desk look like the first three sentences of this product description? Everything is everywhere and there's a tangle of cords that you're pretty sure has gained sentience and will suck your soul out when you're not looking. Let us introduce you to the Space Bar: the one gadget that will make your desk feel orderly and awesome. The Space Bar is a simple, elegantly-designed desk accessory that blasts away clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer. When you're done working, just slide your keyboard into the space below the shelf and store the rest of your office gizmos - keys, digital camera, cell phone, favorite pen, crocheted mini-Cthulhu - up top. You'll regain some sanity... at least for now. Product Specifications Desktop organizer, keyboard storage, and USB hub in one Constructed of brushed aluminum with white plastic accents Can stow a keyboard up to 18" long by 1.5" high Supports up to 20 lbs of weight on top (the weight of a 21.5" Apple iMac) Six USB ports!! 4 in the front and 2 in the back Also includes one mini-USB port and one AC adapter port Powered using a 110v external power source
Star Wars Keyboard With LCD Touchpad
Star Wars Keyboard With LCD Touchpad
"The galaxy is in turmoil and ripe for the taking, but are you quick and powerful enough to prevail? While the Force may be with you, we recommend a great gaming keyboard to truly kick some butt at Star Wars: The Old Republic (and any other MMOs you play). Ten dynamic adaptive tactile keys allow you to customize all your skills, macros, and hotkeys for faster accessibility. The multi-touch full-color LCD track-panel can be set to either respond to direct gesture input or display interactive information for an exciting new way to experience the game. (Or you can put your IMs on it so you don't have to tab out to chat!) Whether engaged in deadly space combat in your starship or executing a critical mission on Coruscant, the rapid-actuating slim keys allow for shorter travel distance so you can reach key-binds and macros more efficiently. This keyboard features complete anti-ghosting of up to 10 key presses to let you further expand your repertoire of boss-killing, Flashpoint-destroying, and world-exploring macros and skills. With the ability to execute more than a single key command at one time, it’s an absolute competitive advantage for taking your game to the next level. You'll be the fastest Jedi or Sith Master on the block. Product Specifications The ultimate gaming keyboard for Star Wars: The Old Republic Speed: 1000 Hz Ultrapolling/1ms response time: lightning quick response! Slim keycap design: allows for faster actuation Customization: Dynamic adaptive tactile keys: full customizing for skills management Fully programmable hyperesponse keys: reduced key latency for maximized response Multi-touch LCD track panel: can be a secondary screen or multi-touch panel Synapse 2.0 enabled: add and manage multiple devices with Synapse 2.0. Instantly store and access your macros, configurations and more from anywhere Style: Aurebesh lettering on keys: Star Wars themed aesthetics Gold-backlit illumination on all keys: dominate your enemies in style Multi-color LED lighting: up to 16 million customizable colors Unlock a unique color crystal: changes your lightsaber blade and blaster bolts in-game System Requirements: PC with USB port Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Window XP Internet connection (for driver installation) At least 100MB of hard disk space Dimensions: approx. 21.2"" x 7.3"" x 0.8"" Weight: 2.32 lbs"

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