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Horse Equestrian Pony Ponies Lover Trinket Box phb
Horse Equestrian Pony Ponies Lover Trinket Box phb
A Treasure Box Great collectible. Overall size is approx. 3 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide New in box Porcelain Horses are used in two ways for sports: as competitors, and as mounts for human competitors. Horses as competitors are trained to be ridden or driven in a particular event. Examples include barrel racing, eventing, carriage driving, dressage, and show jumping. Although scoring varies by event, most emphasize the horse's speed, maneuverability, obedience and/or precision. Sports such as polo and horseball use horses as mounts on which the human competitors ride. Although their riders are the primary competitors, horses serve as a necessary part of the game. In jousting, for example, the main goal is for one rider to dismount the other. Although the horse assists this process and requires specialized training to do so, the details of its performance are not judged, only the result of the rider's actions.The most widely-known use of horses for sport is horse racing, seen in almost every nation in the world. There are three types: flat racing, steeple chasing, i.e. racing with jumps, and harness racing, where horses trot towing a small cart where the driver sits. Most racing horses in the developed world are Thoroughbreds, a breed which can reach speeds up to 40 mph/70 km/h. In the case of a specialized sprinting breed, the American quarter horse, speeds over 50 mph have been clocked. In harness racing, speeds over 30 mph have been measured.. The history of the hinge box dates back to Limoge France in the 17th Century. It can be used for Secret Messages, Love Notes, Jewelry, storing precious Baby Keepsakes and other valuables. Hundreds of other styles available, just send us a note with your request and we will check our availability.

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