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Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses
$24.99 $17.49
Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses
"You are a party viking - a Norse God of Geek-shindigs, and your gatherings are legendary. If there isn't at least one visit from the police or ambulance, people are disappointed. People whisper as you walk down the office hallways, ""did you go to his party Friday night? Dude, Britney was there!"" The two biggest problems in hosting a truly epic party are keeping the drinks cold, and glass breakage. So, the good scientists at ThinkGeek Hootenanny Industries, L.L.C. realized there was a need begging for a product. After weeks of study and drinking well into the night, we found the Cool Shooters Ice shotglasses tray. This silicon rubber tray is shaped like the negative of picardie style shotglasses. Just pour in some water, stick them in the fridge for an hour or so, and unmold 4 perfect shotglasses designed to keep two ounces of your favorite alcohol deliciously chilly while keeping your precious Austrian crystal barware safe and sound. If someone breaks one, who cares? It's ice! Toss it in the sink and make another! ThinkGeek would like to remind everyone to please not drink and perform Calculus. Remember, friends don't let friends derive drunk. Ooh, terrible joke. Was that a party foul?"
Marvel Comics Pint Glass
$9.99 $6.99
Marvel Comics Pint Glass
"We know exactly what we're going to be using these pint glasses for. We're going to fill them with beer or Mountain Dew and use them when we play the new Marvel RPG. (You did hear there's a new Marvel RPG coming out in 2012, right?) Yep, yep, we're going to gather at the table with our dice and our character sheets and our heads full of super stories to tell. These glasses seem like your typical 16 ounce glass, except they are emblazoned with amazing artwork featuring some of your favorite Marvel superheroes. Somehow, when the Avengers are on the side of your glass, everything in it just tastes better. Product Specifications Pint glasses featuring artwork from the Marvel universe Choose: Avengers, Iron Man, Captain America Everything in these glasses tastes 100% more super Capacity: 16 fluid ounces (1 pint) Dimensions: 6"" (15 cm) tall"

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