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Into Focus Camera Lens Coffee Mug
$14.99 $12.99
Into Focus Camera Lens Coffee Mug
"A photographer needs to stay alert. That perfect shot lies between moments - 1/250th of a second, your subject is framed perfectly, shadows falling just so, everything is in perfect focus. The next 1/250th of a second, it's a disaster. Motion, blinking, an errant flash somewhere off camera... to be a good photographer, you've got to stay sharp, and quite literally in focus. That's why photographers, like every other subgenus of geek, love their caffeine. It keeps that trigger finger itchy, and ready to let the light in. At it folds through mirrors and lenses and falls onto the medium, whether it's chemically photosensitive film, charged couple device, or metal-oxide-semiconductors, the photographer lends his own personality to the image captured. And it's that photographers personality at play with this new coffee mug. Sure you've seen coffee mugs shaped like camera lenses before, but where those failed, this picks up. First, it's made of ceramic, not plastic. Filling it with hot java won't burn your sensitive fingers. Second, there's a handle. You're not likely to accidentally pour a freshly brewed pot of Ethiopian Sidamo into your prized 24mm to 105mm f2.5 zoom lens if you're expecting a handle through which you loop your index finger. Finally, it's sturdy and can face the rigors of an active photographer's lifestyle. Features Ceramic coffee lens mug Heat resistant. Keeps from scalding your fingers 310 ml capacity (approximate 10 ounces) Perfect for the combination photographer / coffee fiend Comes with rubber ""lens cap"" Dishwasher Safe"

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