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DIY Library Kit
$14.99 $12.99
DIY Library Kit
"Are people always asking to borrow books from your awesome library? Do you find that those same people often keep those books a lot longer than you'd like? Do you desire to find a way to make money off of said people? Well, then have we got a product for you! No, it's not a DIY Robbery Kit - it's a DIY Library Kit! Just install the self-adhesive pockets into the backs of your books, and make your friends actually sign them out. Stamp the checkout card with the date your books need to be back by, and then wait. If your friends and/or co-workers bring them back late, assess them stiff fines. With the DIY Library Kit, you are the librarian (insert Conan the Librarian jokes here) and you make the rules. And since the DIY Library Kit effectively transforms your book collection into a library, you can now shush anyone you want. DIY Library Kit Everything you need to open your very own library - just add books. Keep track of who has checked out which books, and collect fines if books are returned late. DIY Library Kit Includes: 20 self-adhesive pockets, 20 checkout cards, date stamp, inkpad, and pencil. Dimensions: (pocket dimensions) 4.75"" x 2.5"""

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